Trinity County was incorporated February 18, 1850, and was one of the 27 original counties of California.  The county is nestled in the mountains of northwestern California.  Elevation in the county ranges from the low point near Salyer, close to the Trinity River on the west side of the county,  at 600 feet to the highest, 9038 feet, on Mt Eddy in the northeastern corner of the county.  Trinity County is almost entirely mountainous.  There are many small valleys and streams throughout the more than 2 million acres of land that make up the county.  The county’s total land area is 3,178 square miles, but it has been noted that if the county could be ironed flat, it would be the size of Texas!

The last economic and demographic profile for Trinity County was done in 2009-2010 by the Center for Economic Development at California State University, Chico.  The following information comes from that profile.  Trinity County has a population under 15,000.   In 2008, the county’s population density reached 4.4 per square mile, where it sits today.  This is well below the overall California population density of 246 people per square mile. It is projected that by 2030 population density in Trinity County will  increase to 5 people per square mile.  The county is home to 1,464,088 acres of national forest land and 3 acres of state park land.

Between 1990 and 2007, unemployment was the lowest August through October. The highest unemployment rates occurred January through March, peaking in February at 16.7 percent, and decreased throughout the year. In all cases, the average monthly unemployment rate for Trinity County was higher than the statewide average.

Building permits are required for all new construction.  Permits are required not only for new commercial and industrial construction, but also for the demolition, remodeling, expansion, additions, and repairs made to existing residential, commercial, and industrial structures.


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  • Com-Pair Services – 357-3200
  • Earthlink Telephone & Internet Services – 888-800-5905
  • Frontier Communications – 1-855-806-5452
  • Happy Valley Telephone Co. (Trinity Center/Coffee Creek) – 888-837-8020
  • HughesNet – 888-980-1441
  • Palo Cedro Wireless – 530-604-9458
  • Miller, Bob, Satellite & Cellular – 530-739-5285
  • Sprint – 877-405-1395
  • TDS Telecom – 877-623-3550
  • Velocity Communications Trinity County Chamber Member – 530-623-3550
  • Verizon 877-483-9322

Satellite and Cable TV

  • Comcast – 877-840-9908
  • DirecTV, Bob Miller Satellite & Cellular – 739-5285 or 855-678-2782
  • Direct Satellite – 800-201-0488
  • Dish Network – 877-304-3748
  • Stoddard Satellite Sales – 623-3232

Water/Sanitary Services

  • Lewiston Water District – 778-3502 or 778-3257
  • Trinity Center Community Services District – 266-3265
  • Trinity Center Mutual Water Company – 266-3350
  • Trinity County Waterworks District #1, Hayfork – 628-5449
  • Trinity Village Water Company, Salyer – 629-2382
  • Weaverville Community Service District Trinity County Chamber Member – 623-5051
  • Weaverville Sanitary District – 623-4102