Trinity County



Natural & Cultural History

Trinity County has a rich history of breathtaking sceneries, outdoor recreation, and a wealth of gold. Located in the northwestern part of California, its a large, rugged, mountainous, heavily forested county and is the center of a larger region. It has several points of entry, including Siskiyou County to the north, Mendocino County to the south, Shasta County to the east, Humboldt County to the west, and Tehama County to the southeast

Why Move & Start a Business

Five Reasons to Move and Start a Business in Trinity County 


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How the Chamber can Help

When starting a business in Trinity County, you need the right resources and allies to be successful. Membership for the Trinity County Chamber of Commerce provides both by being a strong advocacy group that aims to improve the county’s business climate, economy, and quality of life. Below are a few examples of how being a Chamber member can grow your company’s visibility and credibility within the local business community.  


Membership in the Trinity Chamber

The Trinity County Chamber of Commerce is as unique as our County and our citizens.


We are one of a few all-volunteer chambers in California. The Chamber’s volunteer staff and Board of Directors are passionate about Trinity County and are working hard to clear the path for businesses in Trinity County to grow.


We hope that you, like us, want Trinity County to return to its “golden” economic era and a better quality of life and experiences for Trinity citizens and visitors.


Please join the Trinity County Chamber of Commerce for as little as $96 for businesses. Membership dues are used to provide the Chamber benefits. Our primary mission is to advocate for all Trinity County businesses.


The Trinity County Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to being the leading catalyst for creating a cooperative, productive, and prosperous community.


To sustain, promote, and grow business; and enhance the quality of life in Trinity County and to improve the business climate, economy and quality of life in Trinity County.

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